by Hooka Hey

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“Digging deep with classic-sounding grooves redolent of Zeppelin and Queens of the Stone Age, Hooka Hey could be the bastard son of Jack White and an Eighties Sunset Strip band: a great spirit of soul-blues meshed with a cranked-up sleazy sex 'n' booze vibe. Hooka Hey make music to drink whiskey by.” The Village Voice

“There’s a reverence here for the kind of serious rockin’out that leaves you sweaty, grimy and wanting more.” KUTX

“It is a layered, dangerous ride hinting at Eastern mysticism and crazy, seductive Creole voodoo.(...) Their work is urgent and unrelenting, possessing a musical confidence even early in the game. (...) And like any burning passion, they will leave you wanting more”Culture Collide


released February 10, 2015

Recorded in Austin, Texas, by Erik Wofford at Cacophony Recorders Studio and by Alex Lyon at The Bubble.
Mixed by Rene Ogando and Alex Lyon
Mastered by Alex Lyon

Drums: Ky Williams
Bass: Micah Hayes
Guitars: Chris Holston
Guitars & Vocals: Hugo de Saint Quentin

Produced by Hugo de Saint Quentin

Artwork by Casey Eickhoff.


all rights reserved



Hooka Hey Austin, Texas

Hooka Hey’s “Transylvanian Voodoo” sound
brings blues-based tribal beats with smoky, sludgy riffs drenched and charged like the air just before a rainstorm.

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Track Name: Nasty
Can’t you stop whining, you’re not the only one
Been plenty just like you before
If everything ‘tween us oh was left undone
It’s because I left by the back door
No alibi
Is necessary
There’s no need to cry
Come on let go of me

Oh baby the things you say, they don’t matter much to me
They’re going through my head like the wind blowing through the trees
Oh baby what you’re gonna do I’m afraid is meaningless
I leave it up to you the thing is I couldn’t care less.

You can tell you friends I was not the one
And others will fall for you
But don’t you threaten me of your reactions
I ain’t got no rabbit you can stew
Ain’t no reason
For you to stay
Prefer my freedom
Don’t want you anyway
Track Name: Untamed
She’s a mysterious vision you can see yourself into
And that you are willing to capture
She hides in the twisted corners of your mind
And chasing her can just be a torture

Make ways for a coveted monster
Make ways if you do wanna try her

So comes the moment of the fearing where too much thinking will risk just a blackout
Makes your mind go crazy and your brains so hazy that you’re desperate to forget about it

She’s my baby
She’s my soul on fire
She’s my woman yeah
She’s untamed but I wanna ride her

She’s my lady
And she tastes like fire
She’s my lover yeah
She’s untamed but I wanna ride her

Fueling you or maybe fooling you but you’ll be drooling over this grueling feeling
See how times don’t matter and your cock grows harder as you feel like you can blow up the ceiling
Every day when the sun goes down I go after her relentlessly
And If I manage to seduce her, she’ll reward me with immortality

She’s my baby
She’s my soul on fire
She’s my woman yeah
She’s untamed but I wanna ride her

She’s my lady
And she tastes like fire
She’s my lover yeah
She’s untamed but I wanna ride her
Track Name: Wrong Moves
I don’t believe in love strategies
I find them a little bit useless
You do believe in love boundaries
You find me a little hopeless

I can’t read when it’s before my eyes
(I)// Get it all wrong and it’s no surprise
Every time I walk there’s something in my shoe
I bought the pills but I can’t fit into

You and me could be as easy as 123
But it’s usually no ABC
I got the wrong moves a dragging me down

Show me how to find my way around this metaphor
Cuz things are not meant for what I am I guess they’re shooting for something more
I wanna find my piece of mind learn to play the game hit upon the cure
But I still feel a little confused: Does it really pay off in the end?
I can’t even tell.

Don’t you doubt my good intentions
I got the feelings not the reactions
When they read it I don’t get the meaning
That everything is just a matter a of timing
Track Name: Fever
Oh let me see
Things I believe in
Coming at me
I just wanna get the feeling
Truth is my way
And the sun is a rising
Let’s blow this thing away
Hoping is believing.

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